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Man Enough


Do You Have What It Takes?

Man Up! It's a common challenge between men, especially in regard to sports. Society says it's acceptable to challenge someone to 'man up' to support a team or an athlete or to challenge someone else to overcome an obstacle. Why shouldn't men and business leaders also be challenged to 'man up' and support their own daughters and other young women in the community.

Girls need that support. They need to know both parents and the community support and are involved in their interests, no matter what those interests might be. If the community can join a father and a mother as they fully embrace sporting events and dance recitals, there’s no reason why young women shouldn't also be embraced as they discover new interests through Girl Scouts.

When you say you're Man Enough To Be A Girl Scout, you're accepting a challenge. You're saying you're willing to 'Man Up' to support your daughter and the daughters of your friends and co-workers. When you say you're Man Enough, you're saying you stand behind the Girl Scout mission to help girls become women of courage, confidence and character, even when society says that's not something manly enough to declare publicly.

Click here to visit the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore’s Man Enough to Be A Girl Scout website!