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When School’s Out Programs


Spring Break 2018
Monday, April 2 - Friday, April 6

When School is out the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is in session with some really cool and fun programs for you to do! Outside playtime will be provided, if weather permits, so please dress accordingly. Children must bring their own lunch and drink. We recommend bringing a refillable water bottle. Cups are not available.

Programming, Designing & Showcasing Robots - For Brownies

Recognition: New Programming Robots Badge, Designing Robots Badge & Showcasing Robots Badge.

Explore robotics by learning how to design and create robots that move how you program it to.  Learn how robots can help people and even how girls compete with their own robot creations.  Earn all 3 badges in 1 day.  Pizza and salad lunch break is included in price.

American Girl Doll Camper

Levels: Brownies, Juniors 
Recognition:   Camping Patch

Gear your doll up for the camping season by creating and designing her very own tent that she can stand in as well as a sleeping bag.

Scouting With My America Girl Doll

Levels: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors 
Recognition: Doll Patch

Design a Daisy Tunic, Brownie Vest or Junior Vest for your doll so she can be a Girl Scout just like you.  Plus design your very own matching tote bags.

Outdoor Adventurer & Zip Line - For Brownies

Recognition:   Outdoor Adventurer Badge and Zip Line Patch

Build a mini edible fire before seeing how a real fire is built. Go over what you need to bring on a on a day hike, set out on a scavenger hunt.

First Aid for Cadettes at CentraState

Recognition:  Women’s Health Badge

Make healthy decisions that are right for you.  Find out how women stay healthy both physically and emotionally. This program is created and run by CentraState Staff at the Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center as part of a partnership with GSJS.

S'Mores Galore - For Juniors 

Recognition:   S'More Patch

Whether it’s over a crackling campfire or in a chef’s kitchen, it’s time to roast it, bake it, dip it and dunk it! How many different ways can you make s’mores?  Join us as we create different sweet concoctions using chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Old Fashioned Fun and Board Game Bonanza!

Levels: Daisies, Brownies,Juniors, Cadettes,Seniors,Ambassadors

Come spend your day off from school having some good old-fashioned fun! We'll explore many different kinds of games: board games, card games, team building games, carnival games, and more! Bring your favorite board game to teach your friends. Then in the afternoon we'll have a visit from a travelling petting zoo!

Please bring a bag lunch.

Hogwarts School - Magic and Science!

Levels: Juniors, Cadettes

Recognition:   Wizardy patch

Discover the magic of the world around you in a Harry Potter Themed day!  There will be an assortment of classes - classes in potions (science), herbology (nature), muggle studies (cooking), Transfigurations (games), care of magical creatures and much more.

You need not be a "potter head" to enjoy the day.

A Guide To Merrill Lynch

Levels: Senior & Ambassador

Recognition:    Senior Buying Power Badge / Ambassador Good Credit Badge

A team of women business professionals created this event to prepare girls for a healthy and successful financial future. Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts that have already attended this event reported learning valuable skills that could help them with financial knowledge when seeking for college, a car and other important investments. This program engages girls in hands on activities including a computer-based team game for prizes. Although Merrill Lynch provides multiple treats including ones you can eat, the real prizes they provide are those of invaluable knowledge.