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59 Minute Quick Start

This year, we're offering a new program called the "59 Minute Quick Start." Troops that participate in the program have the opportunity to receive a $20 Magazine Gift Card.

Why should you do this? 

Besides the gift card, the reason to participate is clear. Troops participating in the 59 Minute Quick Start as part of their overall participation in the Fall Product Program, have proven to sell four times as many magazines and more than twice as many nut and candy items.

Additional Resources

  • 59 Minute Quick Start Patches are available for any girl participating in a 59 Minute Quick Start event.
  • Information about this program is also provided on the Troop QSP Be A Reader Poster and in the Troop Launch Email
  • Visit the 59 Minute Quick Start Website for more information


To redeem your rewards, you will need to tell the council your troop number, address of the troop leader/volunteer, the date that you completed the 59 Minute Quick Start training, and the total number of magazine gift cards sold by the troop. QSP will send the $20 Magazine Gift Card directly to the troop.