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We’re excited your girl is ready to start her Girl Scout journey, and we can’t wait to welcome her!

After providing us with some information about your girl, you’ll be brought to our online catalog where you will see troop options in your area.

Troops are groups of girls (often linked with a specific grade and school or community area) that meet once or twice a month and are led by a troop leader with the help of other parent/caregiver volunteers. In our troop catalog you may see existing troops that are welcoming new girls or new troops that are in the process of forming.

  • Not sure which one to pick? 
    •     Select our “Looking for a troop near _______” option. We’ll help you find a troop!
  • Prefer to start a troop of your own? 
    • Selecting “I want to lead her troop near _______” is the first step in getting you started as a troop leader.

To complete her membership, you’ll be asked to pay an annual $40 membership fee. Financial assistance is available.

Ready To Join