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Dance like no one is listening

It's said, "Dance like no one's watching!" We're kicking that up a notch and saying, "Dance like no one's listening!"

That's because they won't be.

At our first ever Girl Scout Silent Party we're giving girls headphones and a choice of music and they'll dance to music only they can hear! 

What's a Silent Party? Imagine wearing headphones and dancing to the music - music that only you can hear! Why is the person next to you dancing to an entirely different beat? That's an easy question. It's because she is. Her headphones. Her choice of music. 

Parties are scheduled throughout the day on Saturday, September 29 in four age-appropriate groups. When you register Early Bird you'll be eligible for significantly reduced Early Bird Pricing. Plus, you'll get all the benefits that come from another amazing year of Girl Scouts.

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