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Council-exclusive theme patch gives girls the opportunity to remain involved all year long


Girl Scouts is about more than any one thing. It’s everything. We’re celebrating this Girl Scout year with a special calendar and every month has a different theme. We’ve listed the themes below, but we’re just getting started. Each theme listed will tie in with special council activities each month. Complete an activity, earn that month’s patch. Can you collect all twelve?

October 2018 – Celebrating G.I.R.L.s

In 2011, the United Nations declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child with a mission to galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for girls to show leadership and reach their full potential. Through Girl Scouts, we do this every day. In October, take a moment with your Girl Scout sisters to appreciate the opportunities available for girls in the United States that may be lacking in other parts of the world. How can you make a difference? This month at a Girl Scout activities or in school, take a moment to help another girl you know. When you work together, everyone finds more success.

Eligible Programs

  • Intro to Modern Calligraphy Workshop
  • Pumpkin Stem
  • International Day of the Girl
  • Hiking and Outdoor Club
  • Archery Club
  • Digital Movie Maker
  • A Taste of Spain
  • Hiker/Letterboxer Combo
  • Pound Fitness Class
  • CEO Advisory Board
  • Challenge Course I
  • Challenge Course I for Older Girls
  • Canoe I
  • Journey in a Day – Exploring with Princesses
  • Juliette’s Monster Bash

November 2018 – Giving Service

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to lend a hand to help others. When you volunteer, you’ll experience improved self-esteem, gain confidence, become closer with your community and most important, you’ll make a difference. In November, take a moment to give back. Complete a service project with your troop that will benefit your community. Give to your local Food Bank. Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is committed to help. We encourage girls to bring a non-perishable food item to every November program. The council will then donate this food to a local food pantry. Giving never felt so good.

Eligible Programs

  • Citizen Badge
  • Cadette Journey: Think Like an Engineer
  • G.I.F.T. (Girls in Future Technology)
  • School’s Out Journey: Calling All Agents of Change
  • Journey in an Overnight: Camping at Camp!
  • CEO Girl Advisory Board
  • Silver Award Workshop
  • Bronze Award Parent/Leader Workshop
  • Camp Close Up Dungaree Day
  • Making para cord bracelets for the military program
  • School’s Out Daisies Respect Myself & Others

December 2018 – Spirit of the Season

Many cultures and faiths celebrate significant holidays in December – Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza are only three of many. Girl Scouts has always provided many opportunities for girls to grow in their respective religious faiths. Take time in December to reflect upon your own beliefs and identify how they’ve helped shape the person you are today. Research other December celebrations such as Rohatsu and Mawlid el-Nabi.

Eligible Programs

  • Polar Express: All Aboard!
  • Sweet Tooth Candy Shoppe
  • Fancy Nancy’s Splendiferous Christmas Event
  • Winter Holidays Around the World
  • Jolly Juniors
  • A Joy to Invent
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Spectacular

January 2019 – Girl Scouts Take Action

Discover. Connect. Take Action. It’s how Girl Scouts change the world. It’s a philosophy that began when Juliette Gordon Low first created Girl Scouts 106 years ago. Her goal was to bring girls out of isolated home environments and into community service and open air. This January, live Juliette Low’s dream. Stay active. Get out of your house. Whether it’s a Girl Scout activity, selling Girl Scout Cookies or doing something with your family, make an impact no matter how small.

Eligible Programs

  • Archery Sampler
  • Journey in a Day - Breathe
  • Cookie Business Rally/Training Day
  • CEO Girl Advisory Board
  • Cadette Community Service Bar
  • Archery Introduction
  • Journey in a Day - GIRLtopia
  • Camp Crafting
  • Archery I for Juniors
  • Journey in a Day - Madagascar Journey
  • First Aid for Brownies
  • First Aid for Juniors
  • Archery Badge

February 2019 – Girl Scouts Around the World

Every year, on February 22, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 countries celebrate World Thinking Day, a day when girls all over the world connect and celebrate by doing the same activities at the same time. You can join this tradition, not just on World Thinking Day, but every day – making an impact means having a strong effect on something or someone. During February, make an impact. Make a difference. Find a way to do something with your sister Girl Scouts that will be remembered for a long time.

Eligible Programs

  • Cloudy with a Chance
  • Be a Friend First
  • Chinese New Year Girl Scout Celebration
  • Global Girl Scouting: World Centers Edition
  • CEO Girl Advisory Board
  • First Aid for Cadettes at the Ocean Care Center
  • First Aid for Seniors at the Ocean Care Center
  • Sing-a-long for Girls
  • Celebrate World Thinking Day
  • Journey in a Day - Exploring with Princesses
  • Cross Training Badge

March 2019 – Women In History

Women have made amazing contributions to our country, many overlooked or under-celebrated. In March, you can help change that. Join Girl Scouts as we celebrate women throughout history who have made a difference. Register for a Girl Scout program celebrating the accomplishments of women. Talk with the women in your life about the female role models who made a difference for them.

Eligible Programs

  • International Women's Day Celebration
  • Happy Birthday Girl Scouts
  • Girl Scout Birthday Celebration
  • Scribing Women's History
  • My Women's Family Story
  • CEO Girl Advisory Board
  • Water Badge at Save Barnegat Bay
  • Celebrating Suffregettes Bus Trip - Washington D.C.
  • Staying Healthy Women's Health
  • Girl Scouts SLAM Poetry and Song Night

April 2019 – Plant For The Future

In April, we’re planting for the future literally and figuratively. First, celebrate the start of spring by getting outdoors. Plant a tree. Plant flowers. Take care of your work and watch it grow. Second, help us give more girls the opportunities that only come from Girl Scouts. Tell your friends why you enjoy Girl Scouts and encourage them to get involved. You can even bring a friend to one of our Girl Scout programs.

Eligible Programs

  • Salad in a Jar at Beyond Organics
  • Beyond Organics Greenhouse Tour
  • Archery Sampler
  • Archery Introduction
  • School's Out - Journey in a Day - Think Like an Engineer
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Firebuilding
  • CEO Girl Advisory Board
  • Camp Crafting
  • Trailblazing
  • Volunteer Day for Girl Scouts
  • School's Out - Earth Day Celebration
  • School's Out - An American Girl Western Tale
  • School's Out - Aviation Day
  • School's Out - Spring has Sprung
  • School's Out - Finance Badges
  • School's Out - Planting for the Future
  • School's Out - Outdoor Art Apprentice
  • Climbing Wall for Juniors
  • School's Out - Planting for the Futurre
  • School's Out - AN American Girl of Today!
  • School's Out - Outdoor Art Badges
  • School's Out - College Knowledge Badge
  • Challenging Course I
  • Firebuilding

May 2019 – Get Up And Get Moving

After a long, cold winter, nothing feels better than getting outdoors and getting active. In May, Girl Scouts offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. Register for our annual Family Fun Color Run. Participate in one of our many outdoor activities like climbing wall and zipline. You can also plan a fun end-of-year activity for your Girl Scout troop. The opportunities are endless.

Eligible Programs

  • Practice with Purpose at Monmouth University
  • Hiker/Letterboxer Combo
  • Challenge Course I
  • Archery Introduction
  • Graduating Ambassador Ceremony
  • Challenge Course I for Older Girls
  • Junior Aide Workshop
  • CEO Girl Advisory Board
  • Brownie Field Day
  • Follow the Rainbow - Bridging to Junior Girls
  • Game Visionary Day at Downtown Freehold
  • Challenge Course I
  • Brownie Sampler - Daisies Bridging to Brownies
  • Hiker/Letterboxer Combo
  • Boating Sampler
  • Daisy Field Day with Fancy Nancy
  • Archery I for Juniors
  • Boating Introduction
  • Teamwork and Teamplay II with Zipline

June 2019 – Let’s Go To Camp

It’s a tradition almost as old as Girl Scouts itself. Girl Scout Camp! If you haven’t already, take a look at what Amity Acres and Sacajawea Day Camps have to offer. Register for a week or the whole summer so you can stay active instead of wasting time indoors. You can also stay in touch with your troop with an exciting outdoor activity. You can even invite non-Girl Scout friends to join you as well.

Eligible Programs

  • Boating Introduction
  • Climbing Walls for Juniors
  • Teamwork and Teamplay II with Zipline
  • Boating Sampler
  • Brownie Sampler -  Daisies Bridging to Brownies
  • Canoe I
  • Climbing Wall for Brownies

July 2019 – Summer Challenge

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with your Girl Scout sisters. Participate in the Girl Scout’s annual summer challenge. We have a long list of activities throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties. Earn points for every place you visit and task you complete. You’ll also learn more about everything our amazing state has to offer. Those who meet their goals earn an exclusive council patch.

August 2019 – S’more Fun

You can never have too much fun because there’s always s’more right around the corner. While August 10 is National S’mores Day, we say why limit the celebration of that delicious treat to only one day. Have your troop get together for a cook-off. See who can create the best s’more. It’s a competition with only winners because of all s’mores you get to eat.

September 2019 – Celebrating Generations (Welcome to Girl Scout Year/Grandparents Day)

Girl Scouts Go! September is more than the start of the school year; it’s also the unofficial start of the Girl Scout year. That’s not all, September 8, 2019 is National Grandparent’s Day! Did you know Girl Scouts is one way that generations connect with each other? In many cases, mother, daughter, grandmother and beyond all share in the Girl Scout tradition. Share your stories not just with each other, but with us as well.

Eligible Programs

  • Color Run and Fall Festival