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Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore honors more than 200 local volunteers


Volunteers are the backbone of the Girl Scout organization. As mentors to girls, they inspire, motivate and are instrumental in delivering the Girl Scout program. These volunteers provide opportunities for girls to build self-esteem and leadership skills for the future.

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore presented more than 200 awards to local volunteers during its annual Adult Recognition Reception on April 19, 2018 at the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore’s Program Activity Center in Farmingdale.

Good Neighbor Awards

  • Amanda Burks
  • Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar
  • Archeland Belfort
  • Barack Obama Elementary School Outreach, Neptune
  • Bernice Sandiford
  • Brooklyn Bistro and the Mascillaro family
  • Bruce Belfer – Belfer Lighting
  • Cliffwood Elementary School and Mr. Van Horn, Principal
  • Deidre Krok - Ocean County Council for Young Children
  • Ebone’ Lawrence
  • Esther Abraham
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Freehold Learning Center
  • Georgian Court University
  • Gregory Elementary School Outreach, Long Branch
  • Jessica Peters
  • Joanne Callas
  • Kathy Heine
  • Katie Dinonno - Jersey Freeze
  • Kay Merrick
  • Lakehurst Board of Education
  • Lakewood BlueClaws
  • Lisa Porada – Chocolate Carousel
  • Lowe's of Eatontown
  • Lucille Briones
  • Manchester Township Board of Education
  • Matawan Regional High School and Michele Ruscavage, Principal
  • Michael Emitt
  • Microsoft Store, Freehold
  • Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort
  • Monee Graham
  • Paige Stroud - Radiant Beauties Boutique
  • Pamela Coratti-Saavedra
  • Priscilla Rackliff
  • Red Bank Primary School and Dena Russo, Vice Principal Thurgood Marshall Elementary School Outreach, Asbury Park - Lisa Bruno
  • Rich Baier
  • Ron Holmes
  • St. Catharine and St. Margaret Parish
  • Stafford Township Police Department
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints
  • Tim Stockel
  • Tinton Falls Fire Company No. 1
  • Tom Zapcic Photography
  • Valbona Capri
  • Vanessa Pascale
  • Vinnie Coletta
  • Whiting Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

Outstanding Achievement Award

Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)

  • Rori Bergman (Sunset Shores)
  • Christine Brys-Yee (Sandy Hook)
  • Angela Burks (Sandy Hook)
  • Shannon Carisdeo (Sunset Shores)
  • Angela Cooper (Sunset Shores)
  • Ken Donofrio (Sunset Shores)
  • Jen Holmes (Colonial)
  • Michele Konar (Colonial)
  • Arianna Lynch (Sandy Hook)
  • Joan McCoy (Colonial)
  • Diane McQueen (Sunset Shores)
  • Allie Rackliff (Sandy Hook)
  • Kelly Rasmussen (Sunset Shores)
  • Elaine Raucher (Sunset Shores)
  • Joyce Siedentop (Sunset Shores)
  • Cynthia Streeter (Colonial)
  • Barbara Sweetnam (Colonial)
  • Alana Vega (Shore Pines)
  • Steve Weldon (Colonial)
  • Anne Willuweit (Colonial)
  • Carol Wisniewski (Sunset Shores)


  • Lynda McLean (Sandy Hook)

Product Sales

  • Karen Damerau (Sunset Shores)
  • Linda Ann Horvath (Colonial)
  • Kate Krier (Shore Pines)
  • Charity Lembo (Shore Pines)
  • Rebekah Mann (Shore Pines)
  • Nikki Pari (Sunset Shores)
  • Anne Pesciotta (Colonial)
  • Jill Schmid (Colonial)
  • Edie Stephenson (Colonial)
  • Marie Wetmore (Sunset Shores)


  • Elaina Chan (Colonial)
  • Stacie Ferrara (Sunset Shores)
  • Kelly Fitzpatrick (Shore Pines)
  • Tracy Loftus (Colonial)
  • Kathryn Raso (Shore Pines)
  • Mary Van Der Net (Sandy Hook)

Volunteer Support

  • Michele Adamski (Sunset Shores)
  • Christina Baldino (Colonial)
  • Leah Bilotti (Shore Pines)
  • Stephanie Boyd (Shore Pines)
  • Christina Bucco (Colonial)
  • June Chernetz (Shore Pines)
  • Chrissy Fiorenzo (Shore Pines)
  • Nancy Gargan (Sandy Hook)
  • Alex Fitzpatrick (Shore Pines)
  • Stacy Frontera (Colonial)
  • Tracy James (Sunset Shores)
  • Claudine Krosnowski (Colonial)
  • Kristin Low (Sunset Shores)
  • Nancy Mueller (Colonial)
  • Ruth Pearson (Sandy Hook)
  • Debby Pease (Shore Pines)
  • Megan Peterman (Colonial)
  • Donna Price (Colonial)
  • Sherrie Prout (Sandy Hook)
  • Mary Rosenberg (Sunset Shores)
  • Liz Schrader (Sunset Shores)
  • Pat Shank (Shore Pines)
  • Bev Sirianni (Sunset Shores)
  • Dawn Streeter (Colonial)
  • Christine Visone (Colonial)
  • Lisa Waterman (Colonial)
  • Samantha Willmot (Sunset Shores)
  • Sharon Zimmermann (Shore Pines)
  • Patty Zylka (Shore Pines)

Outstanding Achievement (Multiple Areas)

Sunset Shores

  • Jamie Acquaviva (Fundraising, GSLE, Product Sales, Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Susan Bielicki (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Kathleen Caines (GSLE, Product Sales, Recruitment)
  • Maureen Honecker (Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Gina Kubis (GSLE, Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Nancy Peterson (Fundraising, GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Nancy Suszko (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Regina Vassilatos (GSLE, Volunteer Support


  • Jen Brown (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Catherine Dzubaty (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Dolores Dzubaty (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Allison Filosa (GSLE, Recruitment)
  • Christine Filosa (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Michelle Forero (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Pat Heaney (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Dawn Jacobson (Fundraising, GSLE)
  • Jennifer Kaiser (GSLE, Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Agnes Kelso (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Andrea Kryscnski (GSLE, Volunteer Support)
  • Eileen McDonald (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Jaclyn Roth (Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Donna Tornich (Fundraising, GSLE, Product Sales, Recruitment, Volunteer Support)|
  • Shailashree Vadali (Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Nikki Weeks (GSLE, Product Sales)

Sandy Hook

  • Maureen Kovach (Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Mary Anne Linder (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Kim Yue (Volunteer Support, Recruitment)

Shore Pines

  • Kate Camburn (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Jessica Del Prete (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Tammy Drewes (Volunteer Support, Recruitment)
  • Sarah Jeffers (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Kelley Madensky (GSLE, Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Carla Mangum (Recruitment, Volunteer Support)
  • Lisa McColley (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)
  • Stacy Petti (GSLE, Fundraising)
  • Lindsey Sellmer (Recruitment, Volunteer Support0
  • Annette Soucy (Product Sales, Recruitment)
  • Kayleigh Soucy (Product Sales, Volunteer Support)

Alumnae Award

  • Ann Petronaci (Monmouth Alumnae)
  • June Chernetz (Order of the Evergreen)

President Award

  • Mary Anne Gearing
  • Bev Sirianni
  • Kristen Somerville
  • Dena Mayo

Appreciation Pin

  • Jenn Anderson (Sunset Shores)
  • Julie Barchetto (Shore Pines)
  • Janine Bland (Sandy Hook)
  • Robyn Catalano (Shore Pines)
  • Michelle Coffey (Sunset Shores)
  • Rhonda Colllins (Shore Pines)
  • Lisa Costa (Colonial)
  • Michelle Duffy (Sunset Shores)
  • Cynthia Dwyer (Sunset Shores)
  • Susan Emitt (Colonial)
  • Karen Escobedo (Sunset Shores)
  • Michele Henry (Sunset Shores)
  • Staci Primmer (Shore Pines)
  • Betty Pylarinos (Colonial)
  • Claudine Remmey (Sunset Shores)
  • Kyril Suszko (Sunset Shores)
  • Kelly Tatarka (Sandy Hook)
  • Jill Wallace (Shore Pines)

Shining Light

  • Stephanie Bedore (Colonial)
  • Amy Birns (Colonial)
  • Cheryl Cortopassi (Sandy Hook)
  • Jim DeAngelis (Shore Pines)
  • Vivian Dilella (Colonial)
  • Allyson Donato-Jernigan (Colonial)
  • Donna Manetta (Colonial)
  • Maryann Pietruska (Shore Pines)
  • Nanci Radzewick (Colonial)
  • Joanne Schechter (Colonial)

Honor Pin

  • Rachel Castellon (Sunset Shores)
  • Michele Cerisano (Colonial)
  • Kellie Ritter (Sandy Hook)

Meritorious Service Award

  • Michele Fee (Colonial)
  • Phyllis Fitzgerald (Colonial)
  • Nadine Foreman (Shore Pines)
  • Debbie Wiedow (Shore Pines)

Thanks Badge

  • Joy Calogero (Colonial)
  • Cathy Grant (Shore Pines)
  • Dana Kepler (Shore Pines)
  • Stephanie Smida-Costello (Sunset Shores)

Thanks II

Waves of Gratitude Pin

  • Jessie Blair (Sunset Shores)
  • Mary Anne Gearing (Shores Pines)
  • MaryEllen Gibbon (Sunset Shores)
  • Linda Klose (Sandy Hook)
  • Joann McCann (Shore Pines)
  • Edie Poole (Sunset Shores)
  • Jean Sandor (Shore Pines)
  • Evelyn Strain (Colonial)
  • Betty Trivisone (Sandy Hook)


  • Pat Zakar (Shore Pines)

Membership Numeral Guard (20+ years)

20 Years

  • Joy Calogero (Colonial)
  • Aileen Christiansen (Staff)
  • Barbara Cruz (Staff)
  • Vivian Dilella (Colonial)
  • Karen Fox (Sunset Shores)
  • Jen Holmes (Colonial)
  • Dirk Klose (Sandy Hook)
  • Mary Spina (Colonial)

25 Years

  • Robin DiDonato (Sandy Hook)
  • Dena Mayo (Staff)
  • Jill Ratcliffe (Sandy Hook)

30 Years

  • Issie D’Agostino (Colonial)
  • Maureen Kovach (Sandy Hook)

35 Years

  • Bahiyyah Abdullah (Staff)
  • Jenny Cody (Shore Pines)
  • Sajdah Muhammad (Shore Pines)

40 Years

  • Dolores Dzubaty (Colonial)
  • Diane Holzlein (Sunset Shores)
  • Terri Peterson (Staff)
  • Evelyn Strain (Colonial)

45 Years

  • Kathleen Pearson (Sunset Shores)
  • Jean Sandor (Shore Pines)
  • Betty Trivisone (Sandy Hook)

55 Years

  • Ann Petronaci

60 Years

  • Doris Tierney (Sandy Hook)

65 Years

  • Mary Anne Gearing (Shore Pines)

Years of Service (15 years +)

20 Years

  • Joy Calogero (Colonial)
  • Jill Ratcliff (Sandy Hook)
  • Nancy Suszko (Sunset Shores)

25 Years

  • Joyce Anderson (Sandy Hook)
  • Cheryl Bontales (Colonial)
  • Deanne Candela (Shore Pines)
  • Pat Heaney (Colonial)
  • Mary Anne Linder (Sandy Hook)
  • Gail Pilecki (Sandy Hook)
  • Debbie Wiedow (Shore Pines)

30 Years

  • Barbara Barbato (Colonial)
  • Grace Hanson (Shore Pines)
  • Maureen Kovach (Sandy Hook)
  • Ann Petronaci (Sunset Shores)

35 Years

  • Betty Trivisone (Sandy Hook)

40 Years

  • Doris Tierney (Sandy Hook)