Civics Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Informed and Engaged Citizens
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Civics Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Informed and Engaged Citizens

Civic engagement

The Social Action Committee of the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, along with several other older Girl Scouts, traveled to New York City on Monday, June 3, to join bi-partisan leaders in discussing the importance of engaging today’s youth in civics. “Civics Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Informed and Engaged Citizens,” was a collaboration between the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Clinton Foundation, to give community leaders, public officials, and education experts, the opportunity to discuss how out-of-school civics programs can prepare the next generation to be involved citizens with a deeper understanding of government. 

The event consisted of many influential presenters along with a panel discussion moderated by Chelsea Clinton. On the panel was Laura Dove, Republican Secretary of the U.S. Senate, Lauren Hoaglund, Gold Award Girl Scout, Dr. Emma Humphries, Chief Education Officer of iCivics, and Attorney General Letitia James, Attorney General for the State of New York. Chelsea Clinton prompted the panelists to discuss topics such as how to reach out to local and national representatives, how to research information to determine fact from fiction, and how to help push civic engagement. The event concluded by reflecting on the important role Girl Scouts has had with the Girl Scout Advocacy Network, along with an announcement that there will be new badges for every level that will double the Girl Scout programs for civic education.  

After the event, the Social Action Committee, with another local Girl Scout, visited the Girl Scouts National Headquarters where they were able to view Girl Scout artifacts and speak with the Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of the USA, Sylvia Acevedo. 

With the opportunity to hear powerful women passionately discuss how to help the youth in becoming informed, engaged and civically minded individuals equipped with the tools to take action and make a positive change, along with the opportunity to speak one on one with the CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, it was truly a day to remember.