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Council Credit Gift Cards

Cookie Reward Cards

Cookie Reward cards, like other girl rewards, are an incentive intended to reward girls for their individual efforts during the sale and are not intended for troop use. Girls may use the money issued on a Reward Card for Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore (GSJS) qualifying merchandise, events and activities such as:

  • Council retail stores
  • Council-sponsored events, programs and activities
  • Regional or Community Camporees or events
  • Amity Acres Day Camp
  • Sacajawea Day Camp
  • Council-sponsored trips
  • GSUSA Destinations
  • Girl Scout Membership Registration

Gift cards may be redeemed by two methods

  1. Purchase items or register for programs and activities at the council stores. The card is swiped like a gift card. The amount of the purchase is deducted from the total balance available on the card.

  2. To register for qualifying programs, events and activities, please fill out the “Redemption Form for Cookie Credits” available on the website and mail the form to council using the address provided on the form. Please allow 2 -3 weeks for processing.

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