Travel Scholarships

All council sponsored trips are eligible for Travel Scholarships, regardless of the cost of the trip. 

Council sponsored trips include: 

  • 2020: Japan - Land of the Rising Sun 
  • 2019: Salem - Haunted Happenings 
  • 2020: Natural Wonder at Niagara Falls 

To assist girls who wish to travel on council destination trips or GSUSA trips, the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore offers girls the opportunity to apply for Travel Scholarships (formerly known as Travel Rewards).  Girls must be registered for a trip in order to apply for the Scholarships. Girls who apply who are not registered for a trip will not be considered.

Girls are eligible to receive Scholarships for council sponsored trips and GSUSA trips. Approved scholarship range in value between $100 - $1000 per year. To qualify, girls must sell a combined minimum of $400 worth of product in the Fall Sale Program plus 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

How will the girl be selected to receive a portion of this scholarship?

The girl will complete her application along with a parent/guardian. Both girl and parent/guardian must sign, date and submit their travel scholarship application through the form below.

Travel Scholarship applications will be accepted beginning in March of 2020. Girls traveling on trips in 2020 or beyond can apply for scholarships each year as long as they are registered for the trip! 

Remember, the more you sell, the MORE you EARN and the bigger your potential reward!


  • Sell a minimum of $400 worth of product in Fall Sale 
  • Sell at least 500 boxes of cookies
  • Be registered for a council sponsored trip (or GSUSA destination)
  • Be a registered member and be active in Girl Scouts