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Spooktacular Volunteer - Pack up All Star

Sun Oct 18, 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Progam Activity Center, 127 Yellowbrook Road Map
Adults, Ambassadors, Seniors, Volunteers, Cadettes

It's the most important part of Spooktacular!

Help turn our camp from Spooktacular back into Camp Sacajawea.
Help from EVERYONE is appreciated on this day!
Those who need volunteer hours and weren't able to make it to any other Spooktacular decorating/event times, may earn their hours by participating in this event.

We also will be including a limited number of 6th graders to join us to help pack up. It's a great jumpstart to volunteering next year!

Girls must be entering 7th grade or older, a few 6th grade troops will be invited, and may apply to Addie at