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AT&T Cybersecurity 101

Wed Apr 07, 1:00 PM - Fri Apr 09, 3:00 PM
Additional Patches and Badges
Ambassadors, Cadettes, Seniors
Girl Fee:
Maximum Attendance:

We are excited to get hands-on into cyber security with the experts at AT&T. Girls will discover how to protect themselves online with concepts that include multi-factor authentication, social engineering and how to spot phishing. There will be hands-on activities to crack passwords, find metadata in pictures and investigate logs for signs of cyber hackers. After attending this session, girls will earn three cybersecurity badges: Basics, Safeguards and Investigator. 

Program Requirements:

• Computer with microphone and camera capable of video conferencing (Zoom).
• Paper copies of all the study guides for each day.
• A writing utensil and some scratch paper.

This is a 3 day workshop