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Virtual Program Activities

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore has always been committed to providing leadership opportunities and activities to all girls. As we face a health emergency that forces us to be apart, we believe it’s essential for all children to interact and remain social for their overall health and well-being.

To keep ALL girls connected and engaged, we are excited to introduce four virtual activities that the whole family can enjoy:

  1. Girl Power Can’t Be Quarantined Patch Program* - Participate in this two-part “Girl Power Can’t Be Quarantined” patch where you can earn two interconnecting patches by participating in activities at home. There are five steps to earn each patch.  Patches will be available to purchase from council. More details to follow. Steps and patch requirements can be found HERE 
    *Only opportunity for earning a patch. (Included as a patch requirement:  Virtual Badge Breaks or Social Challenges)
  2. Virtual Badge BreaksEvery Tuesday and Thursday, we will be live on Facebook, helping girls earn Girl Scout Badges. Although only a step from the badge will be covered in the video, access the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) to explore the rest of the badge requirements. We will share the household materials you need before the event. After the event, be sure to share photos of girls completing the badge work via the photo submission page on our website. or by posting on your social media sites with the hashtag #GSJSChallenge. Sharing inspiration is a great way to stay connected.
  3. Social Challenges - Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will post a social challenge on Facebook and Instagram - an activity for you to complete at home and share online. Whether helping around the house, going for a walk or dancing in your room, we want to see your Girl Scout spirit! Be sure to wear your uniform or incorporate it into the photo/video you share using hashtag #GSJSChallenge or via the photo submission page on our website.
  4. Online OpportunitiesWhile your travel is limited, we’re committed to bringing virtual activities to you. Check out the Zoo School hosted by the Cape May County Zoo or the various live sessions hosted by the Northeast Georgia History Center! Visit Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore on Facebook and Instagram frequently to discover new content that will keep girls and families engaged at home.

We are excited to share these opportunities with you and will expand what we offer in the days ahead. Please be patient as we work out any issues that may arise as we discover new ways to share the virtual Girl Scout Experience with you. These activities are open to ALL girls. Please share with your friends, families, and neighbors so we can share the fun of Girl Scouting together.

If you have any questions, please email us. You can also use the new chat tool on our website to talk with one of our Membership Support Specialists. If they are not available, you can send a message using the tool and we will respond when available. Be sure to share photos of girls participating in these opportunities via the photo submission page on our website or by posting on your social media sites with the hashtag #GSJSChallenge. Let’s stay connected!

Together, we will get through this challenging time, guided by our mission to become women of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Thank you for joining us on this virtual Girl Scout journey.