Drive-By Tie-Dye
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Drive-By Tie-Dye

Get out and get colorful with your family at our first ever Drive-By Tie-Dye! We have two dates to choose from with 15 registrations scheduled every half hour:

Every participant receives a Drive-By Tie-Dye Prep Pack that includes:

  • a t-shirt
  • event patch
  • materials to prepare your shirt

Bring your prepped shirt to our event to add color! Prep packs can be picked up with contactless delivery, or mailed (additional fee applies). 

Please place your order by Thursday, July 9, to guarantee your shirt size.

How to Drive-By Tie-Dye

Step 1

  • Register for a time slot by July 9th to guarantee your t-shirt size.

Step 2

  • Look out for our tying videos for hints on the best ways to tie your shirt for dying day.

Step 3

  • Pick Up your Tie-Dye Prep Pack on July 21st!
  • Your Drive-By Tie-Dye Prep Pack will include:
    • A July Drive-By Tie-Dye T-Shirt
    • A Drive-By Tie-Dye Patch
    • Rubber Bands
    • A Pair of Gloves for Event Day
    • Care Instructions for After Dyeing

Step 4

  • Arrive (masked) on dying day during your time slot with your already tied shirts!