Girl Power Can't Be Quarantined Patch Opportunity
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Large - Council Quarantine Patch

Girl Power Can't Be Quarantined Patch Opportunity

Participate in our “Girl Power Can’t Be Quarantined” patch program where you can earn our interconnecting patches by participating in activities at home. There are five steps to earn each patch.

When you have completed all steps, you can purchase you “Girl Power Can’t be Quarantined" and “Bringing the Outside In,” patch duo for pre-order for $5. 

Older Girls can complete the five steps for our exclusive "Be A Part While Being Apart" patch. This middle patch can be purchased for $3.

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Patches purchased from our website will be mailed out when they arrive at council. Pre-order patches wil be mailed out will be mailed out 3-4 weeks after your order has been placed.


Patch #1: Girl Power Can’t be Quarantined (Top Patch)

Step One

Virtual Girl Scouting Through Social Media

Take part in one of our Facebook Live sessions or one of the social media challenges on Facebook or Instagram! If you don’t have access to social media, send us a photo via the photo submission page on our website!

Step Two

Social Distancing Made Social 

Pull out your construction paper and markers and start a card campaign. Address your cards to a local nursing home to bring smiles to those who can't see their friends and family during this time. After sealing the envelope (with tape!), please wait 3-4 days before mailing. You may mail your cards anywhere. 

Step Three

Keep it Clean

CDC guidelines say you should wash your hands for 20 seconds, which is the equivalent of singing “Make New Friends” or “Happy Birthday” twice. Find a handwashing song for your own soapy-concert and time yourself to see how much of it you need to sing to make sure your hands are clean. Start your Baby Shark “doo doo’s” or practice the beginning of The Lion King. Whatever playlist you choose, write down the lyrics and post it near your sink to remind you that you are on the stage! 

Step Four

Take a Virtual Trip

Visit our sisters in Girl Scouting and Guiding around the world, virtually! Almost the entire world is practicing social distancing and self-isolation, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all working together! Head online and see what girls are doing around the world to create a sense of community. Are they offering different types of patches, different social media challenges, and different ways to feel connected? Take part! (If you are having trouble, visit a virtual museum or zoo and tell your troop-mates or friends about what you learned.) 

Step Five

Stay Active

Think of an activity you haven’t tried before. It could be dance, karate, power walking, hula hooping or yoga. Find a YouTube online instructable and follow along. Keep working on your chosen activity, or try something new each day, for at least 7 days.

Girl Power - Middle

Patch #2: Girl Power Can’t be Quarantined -Be A Part While Being Apart (Middle Patch; for Older Girls)

Step One

Be A Part of Your Whole Self

Pick up a new skill,or spend time finishing a project that you have been working hard on. Journal for two weeks; research and bake two new types of bread; meal plan and cook for a week; get lessons on car care and complete some maintenance.

Whatever you choose, allow yourself to make mistakes, try again, and don't give up!

Step Two

Be A Part of Your Family

Pick a family member that may seem down or is doing a lot for the family during this time.

Choose to do something special for them - bake a cake, throw a party, make dinner, clean the kitchen or fold their laundry. Whatever you choose, it should be something that makes life a little brighter for someone with whom you live. 

Step Three

Be A Part of Your Friends

Do something above and beyond for a friend. Put together a care package to mail or to drop off at their house; write a song and perform it for them; throw a surprise zoom party or organize a card shower. 

(If you are not the creative type visit Greetabl to help you create a thoughtful and personal gift.)

Step Four

Be A Part of Your Neighborhood

Your neighbors are out and walking around the neighborhood more than ever right now. Use your house as your canvas. Create something on your yard, windows or driveways to help entertain your neighbors that are out enjoying the fresh air. You can make it a window scavenger hunt or decorate your driveway or sidewalk iwith a hopscotch-type activity for the neighborhood kids. You can also check in on an elderly neighbor by leaving a letter or note in their mailbox.

Step Five

Be A Part of Your Community

Do a service project benefitting the people in your community. You could make a face mask to donate to hospitals or people that are high risk, create a poster or sign to put up in a grocery store to thank service employees or chalk words of encouragement on town sidewalks for first responders. 


Patch #3: Girl Power Can’t be Quarantined -Bringing the Outdoors In (Bottom Patch)

Step One

Fire-less Campfire

Flex your crafting muscles. Dig out the paper, markers, cardboard tubes, tissue paper and whatever else you can find where you live. Head out to your backyard even! Take your supplies, along with your imagination and create an indoor campfire – no actual fire necessary.

Step Two

Indoor S’mores

The best way to make indoor s’mores is to build the sweet dessert – graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker - wrap it loosely in foil and place in the oven to get all gooey. 

Make your own version of indoor s’mores with what you already have in the house. Your graham crackers can be Girl Scout Cookies, granola bars, or even head online to find a graham cracker recipe and make your own! If you find yourself in a marshmallow-free house, try making fondant as an alternative, pick some of the marshmallows out of your Lucky Charms or Hot Chocolate packets, or grab that can of fluff! Get inventive, then take a picture of you eating your s’more concoction. The sky's the limit!

For an extra challenge lookup More than S'mores recipes, try them out and share the best with us. 

Step Three

Knot Giving Up

Knot tying; everyone needs it, not everyone knows how. If you don’t have a piece of rope lying around, you can unlace one of your shoes! Search online for how to tie a square knot (a good knot used to tie two things together that also unties easily), an overhand knot (your standard knot), and a slip knot (used for pulling or towing something). 

For more challenges search online for “The 8 knots you need to know.” Take a video of yourself tying one and share it with us!

Step Four

Sheet Shelter 

Change your definition of tent! Create your own indoor shelter using what you find around your house. Sofa cushions and blankets work well with chairs and upside down tables. Please get a parent’s permission before redecorating the house.

Complete your indoor campsite with your indoor fire. Make sure you snap a photo of it before you tear it down!

Step Five

Cooking Challenge 

Be a contestant on your own version of Cutthroat Kitchen or Iron Chef.

Look at what supplies you have in your kitchen and use your resources wisely. Pick three or four ingredients and create a meal out of what you have scavenged. (You have to be able to eat what you create!) For added challenge, have someone in your house pick an extra ingredient that you MUST incorporate in your meal.