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Outdoor Art Expo

Get outside and get creative! Snap some nature photographs, create a masterpiece with moss or a fairy house from flowers, or you go full-on abstract art with a bottle of glue and your imagination. Most importantly, have fun and fulfill some of the requirements for your Outdoor Art badge!

Whatever you choose to create, submit a picture of you and your creation by Tuesday, September 29, using our online submission form. Girls can enter our Expo as many times as they would like to. Each entry enters you in a drawing to win amazing prizes!

Submit Your Art Here


Expo Supporters

Around The Corner Art Center in Freehold is helping support our Outdoor Art Expo and are providing prizes for our artists. Girls who participate are eligable to win a take-home art kit!

Badge Boxes

Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors who participate in our Outdoor Art Expo also have an opportunity to win their level's Outdoor Art
Badge Box!

Check out these incredible submissions!

Art Expo submissions (Custom)
Art Expo submissions3 (Custom)
Art Expo submissions2 (Custom)