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Activities Available

Facilities offered by the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore are flexible and can handle almost any sized group or any outdoor activities. Whether it’s a business meeting, a family gathering or a team-building exercise, you will receive the support you need to create an unforgettable event. We can even arrange catering for your event from a local vendor who can create your desired menu.



Swimming is available at Camp Amity Acres and Camp Sacajawea from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Amity Acres features a cedar lake with an enclosed swimming environment separated into safety sections for beginner and advanced swimmers. Sacajawea offers a chlorinated swimming pool. When rented for use, both swimming options include a lifeguard. 



Archery can also be added to any experience at Amity Acres and Sacajawea. An instructor and equipment can be provided for all rentals. Outdoor archery is available from March through November, weather permitting. Indoor archery is available at Camp Sacajawea all year round.


Zip Line and Low Ropes

A zip line and low ropes course is also offered at Amity Acres and Sacajawea. A minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 24 are required for each session. An instructor and equipment are included with each rental. These activities create personal challenges and build trust and teamwork. All activities are adjustable based on participant ability. Participants must be in fourth grade or older. Zip line and low ropes are available from March through November.



Campfire-trained staff is available all year around at Amity Acres and Sacajawea. Our trained staff will facilitate your campfire. A sing-along or fireside activities can also be added to your event.


Instructional Canoe

Instructional Canoe instruction is available at Amity Acres and Sacajawea. Groups must have a minimum of 12 participants. This is a great activity all year around, but is especially enjoyable in the fall with leaves changing color.


Recreational Boating

Recreational boating offers a similar experience to Instructional Canoe but in a more relaxed setting. Depending on the location, row boats, paddle boats, funyaks and canoes are all available.