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Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, and Veolia Assemble and Paint Rain Barrels


WARETOWN, NJ (July 8, 2022) – On Friday, July 8, 2022, six (6) young ladies from Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore participated in a day-long “Journey” toward their highest achievement, the Gold Award, at Camp Amity Acres in Barnegat. Camp Amity Acres is located within a rural stretch of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens, which highlights a number of protected forests. Camp Amity Acres was the perfect location for the Girl Scouts to learn the importance of, how to assemble and paint rain barrels, which are primarily used to harvest rainwater from roofs for later use in gardens or indoor plants. The Girl Scouts were instructed by three (3) NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) representatives on how to install and maintain a rain barrel, the benefits of using them, and the necessity of maintaining a clean barrel due to potential bacteria from birds, insects and other animals.

The rain barrel assembly and painting workshop Journey was one pre-requisite for those girls desiring to pursue their individual Gold Award.

Journeys are multi-session experiences in which the girls examine their interests more carefully and use the skills they gain to make a difference within their own communities. Girl Scouts are required to complete two Senior or Ambassador Journeys or have earned a Silver Award and completed one Senior or Ambassador Journey for the Gold Award. The Journeys help encourage the girls to reason critically, advance problem-solving proficiencies and make a positive impact. Journeys also help the girls to learn and cultivate their leadership skills.

The rain barrel workshop, hosted by Veolia, was offered for those girls who are passionate about the environment and conserving water, our Earth’s most natural precious resource, for generations to come.

Other ecological Journeys completed in their concentration of the environment included investigation in reducing the carbon footprint by growing ecologically friendly gardens; examination of where each component of their meals derive from and how to use natural resources such as organic fertilizers and organic pest controls, which helps reduce the carbon footprint; compilation of a cookbook based on home-grown plants and vegetables; and water conservation which focused on the rain barrel workshop.

The rain barrels the girls completed will be used within Camp Amity Acres and other Girl Scout sites at the Jersey Shore to help solve prolonged standing of water which could potentially cause damage to buildings. The rain barrels will also serve as a reminder on how to conserve within our environment in the face of increasing human population growth and other activities that degrade natural resources and the ecosystem.

Veolia especially thanks the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore’s Stephanie Smida, its camp counselors, NJDEP’s Toni Heater, Lynette Lurig and Bryan Carter, and, of course, the young ladies who enthusiastically and successfully completed the rain barrel Journey!