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Staff Directory

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the support you need to have an amazing Girl Scouts experience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us or call (800) 785-2090.

Office of the CEO

Heather CoburnChief Executive Officer(800) 785-2090
Brie MontellaChief Operating Officer(800) 785-2090
Dena MayoDirector, Office of the CEO(800) 785-2090

Data Management

Linda LennonQuality Assurance Data Analyst(800) 785-2090

External Affairs

Carla ScarabinoVice President of External Affairs(800) 785-2090
Kayla PrendergastMarketing and Creative Manager(800) 785-2090
Valerie RyanFund Development Manager(800) 785-2090
Joe MinnellaDigital Storyteller(800) 785-2090
Adar DarnovGraphic Designer(800) 785-2090

Council Shop

Monica Bason-LynchRetail Experience Manager(800) 785-2090
Kathy JonesRetail Experience Associate(800) 785-2090


Thomas TrageserChief Financial Officer(800) 785-2090
Terri PetersonAssistant Finance Director / HR Manager(800) 785-2090


Naomi MitchellVice President of Membership and DEI Strategy(800) 785-2090
Kelly McAllisterDirector of Recruitment(800) 785-2090
Penny ShankMember Engagement Manager(800) 785-2090
Susan Bond-MastersonRegional Engagement Manager(800) 785-2090
Gayle DettlingerRegional Engagement Manager(800) 785-2090
Valerie MahonVolunteer Engagement(800) 785-2090
Nancy CaseyRecruitment Manager(800) 785-2090
Liz CelliniRecruitment Manager(800) 785-2090

Member Support

Kristen SomervilleDirector of Membership Experience(800) 785-2090
Barbara CruzMembership Support Specialist(800) 785-2090
Patricia Carone-CurtisCouncil Support Specialist(800) 785-2090
Lauren ColonMembership Support Specialist(800) 785-2090
Aileen ChristiansenMembership Support Specialist(800) 785-2090
Ivonne VarelaMembership Support Specialist(800) 785-2090

Product Sales

C.Y. WongDirector of Product Programs(800) 785-2090
Jackie GarbeProduct Sales Consultant(800) 785-2090


Joan BasilottoDirector of Program and Facility (800) 785-2090
Stephanie SmidaCamp Experience Manager(800) 785-2090
Devin CarrickGirl Experience Manager(800) 785-2090
Susu GarciaGirl Experience Manager(800) 785-2090
Stacy PettiGirl Experience Manager(800) 785-2090
Addie WilluweitGirl Experience Manager(800) 785-2090
Jen HolmesCouncil Support Specialist(800) 785-2090


RJ BubadiasDirector of Property(800) 785-2090
Thomas WhartnabyProperty Manager(800) 785-2090
Rahmi HalkProperty Support(800) 785-2090
Chris MarksProperty Support(800) 785-2090