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Cookie Sale Timeline

December 28 – January 7 -  Emails will be sent to volunteers on 12/28 and to parents on 1/2/21 with information to access Digital Online Cookie (DOC).  This is an additional option, not intended to replace the traditional cookie order taking.

January 2  - Troops can begin registering for cookie booth sales using the booth scheduler in eBudde

January 5 – 12 - New product managers/new troop leaders should take a council cookie training – preregister through GSJS website activity calendar

January 8  - DOC opens and traditional paper order card sales begin

January  31  – Initial order taking ends & girl delivery option in DOC ends

Troops  to collect and enter initial girl order card totals into eBudde. Booth sale cookies can be included with this order (or a pending order can be placed as described below). Please keep in mind that all cookies ordered are the responsibility of the troop and are non-returnable.  REMEMBER!  All online  GIRL DELIVERY cookies will automatically transfer over to eBudde initial order.   

February 17 – Transaction tab opens in eBudde  – troops may now place booth orders or extra/late orders for pick up in Toms River or Farmingdale

February  22-26  - Community cookie deliveries this week – check with your coordinator for date/location and pick up times (These dates may be extended by our delivery agent. Any extension will be shared as soon as that information is made available.)

February  24 – Council cookie depots open at both service centers

February 26 – Booth Sales begin

March 7UNPAID FUNDS COLLECTION FORM is due to  for ACH adjustments.

March 12 FIRST ACH WITHDRAWAL – 50% of girls initial order;  amount to be withdrawn will show on sales report.

March 31 – Digital Cookie Sales end

April 2 – Deadline to submit all girl rewards in eBudde.  Complete allocating boxes to girls before submitting.

April 7 -   FINAL UNPAID FUNDS COLLECTION FORM is due for any unpaid parent balances; last chance for ACH adjustments.  Last day of council cookie depots.

April 11 – Last day of booth sales

April 12FINAL ACH WITHDRAWAL of remaining balance due to council; amount will show on sales report.