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Cookie Sale Timeline

December 28 - January 4

Emails will be sent to volunteers/parents with information to access Digital Online Cookie. This is an additional option, not intended to replace the traditional cookie order taking.

January 2

Troops can begin registering for cookie booth sales using the booth scheduler in eBudde, the cookie ordering system. For access to this system, see “Single Sign On” Information on page 3. Troops are required to obtain permission from the booth location manager prior to submitting their booth requests. Troops can enter these sales that they secure by clicking on “booth sites” then “my sales” and then “add a location”. Enter the information and please remember to submit once completed. Once approved by council, you can expect to receive an automated confirmation email. Council sales will not be available until February due to the process of securing sites with corporate offices, etc.

By January 10

Attend a community meeting for training and distribution of cookie sales materials. Distribute sales material to girls, review safety policies and collect signed permission slips to be retained for your reference. Familiarize yourself with eBudde and verify your troop information including your email address, troop level, girls listed. See “Single Sign On” information page.

January 11 – 27

Girl order taking period. Cost for the traditional six varieties is $4 per box. The two “specialty cookies”, Toffee-Tastic (gluten free) and S’mores are $5.50 per box. Digital Cookie is open/available for girls to sell online to friends and family from January 11 – March 30. Digital cookie orders customers purchase to be shipped or donated will automatically transfer over to eBudde. Girl delivery online cookie orders will still need to be ordered manually by the troop along with the paper orders. The online girl delivery option will be the same as the girl’s initial order deadline, Jan 27. To be certain all girl delivery online orders are placed with the troop’s initial order reference the troop dashboard tab in ebudde prior to submitting the order. Scroll down on the dashboard tab page to view girl delivery orders that will need to be added to the initial order if the girl did not submit these orders on her paper form.

By January 29

This is the DEADLINE to collect orders placed on the initial girl order cards as well as any digital online girl delivery orders, and enter them into eBudde. Suggestion – have girls submit their orders to you by January 28, to give you time to enter them into the system by your deadline. Troops planning booth sales can order their cookies for these sales along with their initial order along the booth line in eBudde and they will be included, Booth sale cookies can also be ordered at a later date as described below. Please keep in mind that all cookies ordered are the responsibility of the troop and are non-returnable.

February 18 - 23

Pending orders are open under the transaction tab in eBudde for troops to place booth orders as well as any late orders which can be picked up at the council cookie depots beginning 2/21. When placing additional orders remember the initial order rounds up to full cases so you may have loose boxes to consider in your inventory. Council policy is no returns on cookies so please order carefully. Cookies can be ordered by the box rather than case when picking up at council depots. Community deliveries are scheduled this week. Your coordinator will advise you of your date/time for pick up.

February 22 - April 14

Scheduled booth sales take place. Troops enter their booth sales under the booth sites tab in eBudde for council approval. Please see instructions on the back page. The council cookie depots are open from Feb 23 – April 5. Troops place booth orders, when needed, under the transaction tab in eBudde at least 2-3 days prior to pick-up date requested to give us time to fill all orders. Council cookie depots will be open from Monday-Thursday, 9:00am – 5:00pm and Fridays, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

March 5

The deadline for girls to submit payment to their troops for their cookie orders. Check can be made payable to “GSJS”. IMPORTANT – Be sure to include troop number on the deposit ticket prior to submitting to your community coordinator so it can be properly credited to your troop. Keep one copy for yourself.

March 8

First/preliminary deposits (before all booth sales are completed) are due to council. Please deposit any money received by girls up to now. Refer to the “sales report” tab in eBudde for the amount due to council.

March 29

Final deposits are due from troops. Booth sales continue. Troops are not required to cover outstanding balances due by girl/parents. Notify the director of product sales about any delinquent payments. Be sure to include amount due and girl/parent name. Begin allocating booth boxes under girls’ names by going to the “girl orders” tab. Select the girl’s name, “add transaction”, and “ok and save” when finished.

April 2

Deadline to submit all girl rewards in eBudde. Complete allocating boxes for girls prior to submittal.

April 5

Council cookie depots end. Submit final deposits after booth sales are completed. Any late booth sale deposits are due the Monday after the sale.