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Service Projects

Service projects are the root of the Girl Scout leadership experience. They help girls begin to realize how they can help others, identify the issues in their community that need help and provide a platform for girls to learn project management.

We hope this resource will help you plan and implement a project that makes a positive difference in your local community.

Key Service Project Components

  • See the change – identify the issue you want to address
  • Plan the change – make your plans to tackle the issue
  • Make the change – implement your plan
  • Share the change – evaluate your success, and spread the word in your community and to your Girl Scout community

Service Project Ideas


Complete a Service Project for Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

There are lots of fun ways to get your troop involved in making the world a better place, there are even service project opportunities that directly benefit Girl Scouts in our community. Participating in a Girl Scout service project can strengthen the bonds between the girls and bring them closer together. A win-win for everyone involved! Complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how you can give back to your Girl Scout community.


Service Project Information Form
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National Girl Scout Service Projects

From educating communities about food production and selling Treasury Bonds during WWI and the Spanish flu pandemic to planting victory gardens and training in first aid during WWII, Girl Scouts have always stepped up in times of need. Get your troop involved with these service projects overseen by Girl Scouts of the USA. 



Project Linus

Become a “blanketeer:” make & donate a blanket, provide a new blanket (please have them be washable).



Armed with the Arts, Inc.

“Uniting the children of the world in a vision of peace”

Join the movement to send the message of peace; Peace Crane or Peace Dove exchange (origami instructions on website) and celebrate International Day of Peace every September 21st. 



“Color the World”

Pulseara, in Spanish means bracelet. The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that educates, empowers and connects Nicaraguan youth with students in more than 800 US schools through the sale of colorful hand-woven bracelets. You could collaborate with your school or participate as a group/troop… If you think you might make a profit by selling these bracelets you must submit a money earning form – you can decide what to do with your earnings to make a difference for someone else.


One Warm Coat

Organized in 1992 with a Thanksgiving weekend coat drive at one location; the mission: collect coats to give to those in need, free of charge.


Operation Gratitude

Volunteers needed, age 12+ Operation Gratitude seeks to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of our active duty and veteran communities.  You can “request a care package” or you can opt to collect cell phones for recycling even make para-cord bracelets.



Use this website not the one that takes you directly to the Give2theTroops because they are not accepting cards… overwhelmed with responses.  You can, however, participate in recycling items to help our troops and our planet!  Such things as empty toner and ink printers, cartridges, used cell phones, PDAs… 



Knitting for charity started in 2008 as a family project; it is now a world-wide community estimated at 12,000 people in 54 countries that works to help warm and comfort the children in southern Africa.  Make and send 8”x8” square, the site has free knitting and crocheting patterns. Make this an intergenerational project by asking others/adults to help the girls learn to knit or crochet; make the project last (sustainable): introduce knit-a-square to your school community or other groups/troops



Do something on your own?        

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore are awesome and do fabulous service projects in their own communities and beyond. If you want to make a difference, from start to finish, on your own, without connecting with another organization check out these ideas for your community.

  • Make valentines for senior citizens.
  • Donate kids’ craft kits to a local children’s hospital.
  • Organize a food drive in your neighborhood.
  • Plan an afternoon of fun: crafts, a movie and popcorn afternoon, or a kickball tournament at a children’s home. Plan a day of fun!
  • Collect school supplies and donate to the United Way’s campaign before school year starts.
  • Bring gently used board games and decks of cards to a local homeless shelter.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter- play with the dogs and cats, help to brush them, and clean up after them.
  • Go through the books you’ve grown out of and donate them to the waiting room of a local dentist or doctor.
  • Grow extra fruit and vegetables in your garden to donate to a food bank.
  • Work with your friends to make a “New Student” guide to your town that includes your favorite parks, a map of the neighborhood, and fun things to do.
  • Plant a garden or tree that your school or neighborhood can enjoy.
  • Promote bike-riding and carpooling at your school to reduce traffic and air pollution.