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Bringing People Together with a Purpose

An All-In-One Platform for Girl Scouts

We are excited to announce that we have chosen a new collaboration platform called Rallyhood!

Rallyhood, will help bring all of our volunteers, parents, staff, groups, troops, and committees together on one platform to create a more consistent and efficient Girl Scout experience for us all. Now we can create, promote, share, manage events and collect money, all in one place! 

How Rallyhood works:

Rallyhood is an all-in-one solution that integrates the many functions our volunteers, staff and parents need to communicate, collaborate, share files, organize events, collect money and build a strong, connected Girl Scouts community.

Rallyhood aggregates our Council’s whole ecosystem of groups onto a single platform, giving every group their own micro-site with a built-in suite of tools, along with the flexibility to personalize your environment; no longer having the need to use email, Facebook Groups, event manager sites and more. 

Share a calendar invite, message a board, upload photos to the photo gallery and upload and download files. Plus you can access it all from your computer or smart phone.

What is it for? How will it help my Service or Troop?

The purpose of Rallyhood is to make the day-to-day responsibilities of volunteers in leadership roles easier. The Rallyhood platform combines the functionality of tools like Eventbrite, SignUp Genius, Shutterfly, Facebook, Flickr, Google Calendar, Google Forms, and Survey Monkey in one place. It seamlessly integrates so many of the functions our volunteers need — communication, calendaring, file sharing, surveys, and payment — and that’s just a partial list! Service units and troops can customize their sites with their own photos and information, creating their own space for volunteers and parents to communicate.

Why did our Council choose Rallyhood?

Our Council is launching Rallyhood this year to provide an additional level of support to service units and troops at a time when staying connected online is more important than ever. Rallyhood has been working with Girl Scout councils for 5+ years—they’re familiar with the Girl Scout movement and the needs of its volunteers.  In fact, Rallyhood has worked directly with Council staff and volunteers to build out functionality that addresses our organization’s unique needs.  Rallyhood has created an ecosystem customized to our Council and volunteer groups, and will continue to work with Council staff to improve how the system works for our volunteers.

How is Rallyhood different from other apps?

We have heard from many volunteers that the inconsistency of using fragmented tools creates lots of challenges and makes volunteer lives  difficult. A key benefit of Rallyhood is that it helps us take a more streamlined approach. The intent is to have one platform with all the tools and all our Council groups in one place.  It provides us with a council-wide solution that brings all of our groups, troops, committee panels, and forums together on one platform to create a more consistent and efficient Girl Scout experience for all of us.

How much does it cost?

Our Council covers the cost of using Rallyhood. The only cost associated would be processing fees for Stripe if you choose to use the payment feature for events or activities.