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Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore Delegate Process

There are two different types of Girl Scout delegates: council delegates and national delegates.

Council Delegates have the right to vote at the council’s annual meeting on items such as electing officers, considering amendments to council bylaws, and key issues affecting the council and Girl Scouts of the USA, and other business appropriate for the meeting.

National Delegates attend the GSUSA national session which is held every three years to vote on proposals and constitutional changes, be the voice of the council for membership, help set the strategic direction, and help establish requirements for credentials.

Click here for a copy of the council's bylaws and the regional delegate job description

Delegates Process

There are many ways to volunteer with Girl Scouts in addition to being a troop leader. One great opportunity that requires a minimal time commitment is the role of Regional Delegate. 

Serving as a Regional Delegate is a great way to have your views shared with the council's Board of Directors and it is a great addition to college applications for teen Girl Scouts.

Any registered member, 14 years and older, may become a regional delegate. Mother/Daughter delegates are welcome!

Regional Delegates are responsible for presenting the needs and concerns of the membership to the council Board of Directors. A delegate's responsibility is to:

  • Sign the position agreement
  • Take Regional Delegate training
  • Attend the Annual Delegate Meeting (Wednesday, May 12, 2021) and Delegate Forums (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021) 
  • Offer input to the Board of Directors through discussions at the Delegate Forums and the Annual Delegate Meeting
  • Vote on issues affecting the entire Council and report results back to the Regional membership
  • Maintain communication with Regional membership
  • Click here to download the complete regional delegate job description

Regional Delegate Election

Delegate elections for the 2020-2021 Girl Scout year are open Monday,  September 21 - Friday, October 2.

Each region can have up to 20 adult delegates and 10 girl delegates, 14 years and older. 

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2019-2020 Regional Delegates

Colonial Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Annette Brennan
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Ashley Caulfield
  • Vivian DI Lella
  • Catherine Dzubaty
  • Dolores Dzubaty
  • Kate Fee
  • Michele Fee
  • Allison Filosa
  • Christine Filosa
  • Pat Heaney
  • Maria Teresa Maisano
  • Dodnna Manetta
  • Kristin Merrell
  • Megan Peterman
  • Nanci Radzewick
  • Cynthia Streeter
  • Dawn Streeter
  • Donna Tornich
  • Shailashree Vadali
  • Caleigh Di Lella
  • Laci Holmes
  • Sophia Jernigan
  • Elizabeth Kelly
  • Adriana Manetta
  • Cadence Peterman
  • Sara Phondge
  • Kaylee Piech
  • Kristen Rass
  • Stephanie Swithers 

Sandy Hook Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Joyce Anderson
  • Christina Bucco
  • James Eccles
  • Julia Fuchs
  • Wendy Gismondi
  • Kathy Graves
  • Linda Klose
  • LoriAnn Nolan
  • Sherrie Prout
  • Christine Romo
  • Elizabeth Trapp
  • Betty Trivisone
  • Kelly Wahl
  • Meghan Feddeler
  • Alanna Lynch
  • Orianna Nolan
  • Matilda Sharp

Shore Pines Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Meghan Atkins
  • Robyn Catalano
  • Rhonda Collins
  • Tammy Drewes
  • Elizabeth Ferrise
  • Nadine Foreman
  • Kelley Madensky
  • Lisa O'Halloran
  • Stacy Onofrietti
  • Kristyn Rommel
  • Cassandra Shank
  • Joedy Stahl
  • Chris Street
  • Debbie Wiedow
  • Patricia Zakar
  • Julia Drewes
  • Victoria Edelman
  • Sydney Greitz
  • Isabel Heim
  • Zoe Lewis
  • Vivianna Onofrietti
  • Julietta Onofrietti
  • Giovanna Onofrietti
  • Isabella Onofrietti
  • Marley Petti

Sunset Shores Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Barbara Begley
  • Kathleen Caines
  • Rachel Castellon
  • Lisa Combs
  • Allison Havemann-Niedrach
  • Rina Kish
  • Susan Kisthardt
  • Diane McQueen
  • Beth Mortenson
  • Jacqueline Mullis
  • Nancy Peterson
  • Jacki Rible
  • Liz Schrader
  • Sandra Terracciano
  • Regina Vassilatos
  • Ashley Witzgall
  • June Chernetz
  • Nancy Suszko
  • Emily Gencarelli
  • Katherine McCarthy
  • Margaret McCarthy
  • Eileen Morrison
  • Rebecca Rosenberg
  • Katie Schrader
  • Isabella Schwank