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Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore Delegate Process

There are two different types of Girl Scout delegates: council delegates and national delegates.

Council Delegates have the right to vote at the council’s annual meeting on items such as electing officers, considering amendments to council bylaws, and key issues affecting the council and Girl Scouts of the USA, and other business appropriate for the meeting.

National Delegates attend the GSUSA national session which is held every three years to vote on proposals and constitutional changes, be the voice of the council for membership, help set the strategic direction, and help establish requirements for credentials.

What is the Role of a National Delegate?

Prepare for the 2023 National Council Session between May 2022 and July 2023 by

  • attending training
  • meet with GSJS staff and board members to determine whether to bring proposals or discussion items to the National Council Session

Attend the National Council Session in July 2023

Provide input regarding the Girl Scout Movement at the 2023 National Council Session by

  • discussing, debating, and voting on issues at the National Council Session
  • electing national leaders for the next three years

Educate GSJS members and delegates regarding the discussion and votes that occurred at the National Council Session

What Is the National Delegate Application Process?

  • Complete National Delegate Application - December 1 and January 31
  • Applications are reviewed by the Board Development Committee - January 31 and March 31
  • Applicants receive notification that the Board Development Committee intends to nominate them for a National Delegate position at the GSJS Annual Meeting – March 31
  • Delegates vote on nominations for National Delegate at the GSJS Annual Meeting – May 11

2021-2022 Operational Unit Delegate Process

There are many ways to volunteer with Girl Scouts in addition to being a troop leader. One great opportunity that requires a minimal time commitment is the role of Operational Unit Delegate.

Serving as an Operational Unit Delegate is a great way to have your views shared with the council's Board of Directors and it is a great addition to college applications for teen Girl Scouts.

Any registered member, 14 years and older, may become an operational unit delegate. Mother/Daughter delegates are welcome!

Operational Unit Delegates are the liaisons between the board of directors, council staff and the constituents they represent.

 A delegate's responsibilities include:

  • Attends the Annual Delegate Meeting * (Wednesday, May 11, 2022) and Delegate Forums:
  • Fall Delegate Forum: November 10, 2021, 6:00pm-8:00pm, TBD
  • Spring Delegate Forum:  March 30, 2022, 6:00pm-8:00pm, TBD
  • Offers input to the Board of Directors through discussions at the Delegate Forums and the Annual Delegate Meeting.
  • Votes on issues affecting the entire Council and reports results back to the Operational Unit membership.
  • Maintains communication with Operational Unit membership.

Click here  to download the complete Operational Unit Delegate job description

National Delegates 

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Nina Anuario
  • Eileen Higgins
  • Kelly Madensky
  • Nancy Peterson
  • Donna Tornich
  • Pat Zakar
  • Sophie Remmey
  • Katie Schrader
Adult Alternate Girl Alternate
  • Catherine Dzubaty
  • Elizabeth Kelly

Regional Delegates

Colonial Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Annette Brennan
  • Lindsey Carver
  • Vivian Di Lella
  • Dolores Dzubaty
  • Christine Filosa
  • Ashley Goodman
  • Donna Tornich
  • Caleigh Di Lella
  • Elizabeth Kelly
  • Adriana Manetta
Adult Alternates Girl Alternate
  • Ashley Caulfield
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Hannah Steinwagner

Sandy Hook Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Joyce Anderson
  • Cara Davis
  • Kathy Graves
  • Linda Klose
  • Meredith McGee
  • Diane Paquet
  • Sherrie Prout
  • Betty Trivisone
  • Blake Cregg-Wedmore
  • Lauren Hewski
  • Amy Tatarka
  • Olivia Ulrich
  • Reagan Volk
Adult Alternate  
  • Kelly Tatarka

Shore Pines Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Meghan Atkins
  • Elizabeth Ferrise
  • Nadine Foreman
  • Kelley Madensky
  • Lisa O'Halloran
  • Kelly Rodriguez
  • Patricia Zakar
  • Hailey Barchetto
  • Julia Drewes
  • Julietta Onofrietti
  • Vivianna Onofrietti
Adult Alternates Girl Alternate
  • Julie Barchetto
  • Tammy Drewes
  • Molly Prokop

Sunset Shores Region

Adult Delegates Girl Delegates
  • Nadine Czekaj
  • Kelly Glenn
  • Allison Havemann
  • Rina Kish
  • Nancy Peterson
  • Jacki Rible
  • Samantha Willmot
  • Abigail Kish
  • Maia Minty
  • Emilee Rible
  • Cathrine Volk
  • Ella Willmot
Adult Alternates Girl Alternate
  • Diane McQueen
  • Regina Vassilatos
  • Anna Willmot