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TopCookie Champion
Charlies of Bay Head
Bay Head

People's Choice Champion
Cardinal Provisions
Asbury Park


Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore and local restaurants partnered to raise support for each other in this challenging time by randomly selecting a Girl Scout Cookie to incorporate into a delicious dessert and facing a panel of judges for the title of TopCookie. Congratulations to TopCookie Champion Charlie's of Bay Head and to our People's Choice Champion Cardinal Provisions of Asbury Park.

People’s Choice Award Leaderboard

  • First Place

    Cardinal Provisions
    Asbury Park

    Selected: Samoas

  • Second Place


    Charlie’s of Bay Head
    Bay Head

    Selected: Lemon-Ups

  • Third Place


    White Chapel Projects
    Long Branch

    Selected: Tagalongs

  • Fourth Place


    Marina Grille

    Selected: Trefoils

Congratulations to Cardinal Provisions on being named this year's People's Choice Award winner!

Celebrity Judges

  • 2021_TopCookie_Judge Art (301)
  • David Burke

    A James Beard Award-winning chef, restaurateur & cookbook editor


    • 2021_TopCookie_Judge Art (302)
    • 2021_TopCookie_Judge Art (303)
    • Amelia Caverly

      Baker and co-owner of Booskerdoo

    • Jim Costello

      Owner of Ohana Grill & 2020 TopCookie champion

    • 2021_TopCookie_Judge Art (304)
    • 2021_TopCookie_Judge Art (300)
    • Kacie Duesterdick & Matthew Simonik

      SeastheDish, food/restaurant Influencers

    • Jacki Sharpe

      Owner of Purple Glaze Donuts


Event Sponsors


Thin Mint Sponsor

  • The Citta Foundation, Inc.


Tagalong Sponsors

  • 0309_Updated Sposorship Art2 (Custom)
  • 2021_TopCookie_Sponsor Art (300)
  • 2021_TopCookie_Sponsor Art (301)
  • Teri O’Connor
    Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore 
    Board Chair
  • RWJ for web (300)


S'mores Sponsors

  • Drs. Amy & Eric Eschinger
    Eileen & Kieran Higgins


Do-si-do Sponsors

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Lunch and Tasting Underwriter

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Read about TopCookie in your local newspaper and online. 
For more information, contact Girls Scouts of the Jersey Shore at (800) 785-2090 or send us an email.

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