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When you have a passion, it’s something to encourage and develop. That’s why the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore offers a variety of clubs that meet throughout the year on a monthly basis. Through these activities, girls make friends with others who have the same interests and grow in confidence.


Archery Club

Are you a budding archer? Learn archery range rules, tournament rules, and how to set up an archery range. Practice shooting, learn how to score, and track your own progress. We even have an annual Archery Tournament. As part of your membership, you can help us design new games that can be integrated into the council Archery program. 


The Outdoor Adventure & Hiking Club

The Outdoor Adventure & Hiking Club is dedicated to outdoor activities, especially hiking, and will provide young ladies in the 9th - 12th grades with unforgettable experiences and camaraderie while exploring a variety of beautiful locations in the Tri-State area through all 4 seasons! Activities will include but are not limited to the following: hiking, trail maintenance, environmental awareness, fitness, wellness, snow sport, and water sport activities.


Robotics Club

First Lego League! We are so excited that more and more girls are diving into building their own robots! At each Robotics Club meeting, girls ages 5-9 will put together Legos to build robots of their choice, with guidance from the VERY user-friendly computer and the facilitator. The magic happens as these young girls program their robots to move, sing and even dance the way they choose! Girls use their know-how to problem-solve, and their imagination to create! Find your sense of accomplishment when you fulfill their robotics vision! 


Book Club

Calling all literary enthusiasts! Join us for monthly nights of bookish crafts, games, food, and of course, discussion. Young women in the GSJS book club will read the month’s book (or most of it/some of it) and will meet to discuss the finer (and not so fine) points of it. We will then play a game, make a craft, or enjoy other activities that are directly related to the theme of the book. Girls can also submit their ideas for activities before the meeting. At each meeting, girls will bring suggestions for the next month’s book (with a genre picked ahead of time), and everyone will vote.