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Congrats Silver Award Girl Scouts!

Morgan — Troop 60645, Holmdel

Keya — Troop 60645, Holmdel

Keya and Morgan’s Silver Award Project was called the Allocco Park & Preserve Educational Project. They researched and coordinated with the Citizens Informed Land Use (CILU) to create an informational center in the Allocco Park kiosk to educate the community about Allocco Park and the Neil Waackaack Preserve that is in the park. Not many people are aware of the history or background of the preserve, so this project aims to help to remind people to be more mindful and learn to value the importance of the preserve. We invited other girls scout troops to present our project and walked through the park trails and preserve to educate them on the beauty and history. This project will be sustained by continuing to spread information on Allocco Park and the Neil Waackaack Preserve.  A Digital Flyer has been shared at community leader meetings so that the community and other girl scout troops can visit the park.

Kate — Troop 50015, Marlboro

Bailey — Troop 50015, Toms River

Josephine — Troop 50015, Toms River

Emily — Troop 50015, Lakehurst

On Saturday, July 8, 2023 four young ladies from GSJS Troop 50015 completed their Silver Award project titled “Backyard Beautification,” with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a BBQ for the residents. As a team, these brilliant, hard working, creative, inspiring young ladies transformed the property at Ocean’s Harbor House into a breathtaking, functional space. Kate, built an awe inspiring deck, that the residents can utilize to enjoy the scenic view of the property. She also collected and passed the word along about how recycling plastics can have a huge impact on the environment and community in which they live. The collected plastics were then sent to trex, and a free bench was earned. The bench was placed by the kindness rock garden. Kate also put up bird feeders to teach compassion for anxiety and the values of empathy, love, and caring.  Bailey created two kindness rock gardens. She also spread awareness throughout the community about the importance of positivity and kindness. Emily collected over 185 bags of leaves and throughout a six week process brought them to the Ocean County Recycling Center, where they take it and turn it into mulch, which people can get for free. She also made flower beds and vegetable gardens in which the residents now maintain. Flowers planted throughout the project  create calmness and peace. Gardens have been shown to reduce stress and depression,as well as, promote productivity, and boost ability to focus and  concentrate. Lastly, Josie created a community resource book and QR code that local non profits will utilize for Ocean and Monmouth county. It contains a list of food pantries, soup kitchens, pay it forward restaurants, where and how and where affordable health care can be accessed. It also has simple, affordable delicious recipes that can be made from pantry items. She also collected various donated craft items and items that inspire positivity to make a zen zone, and also repurposed a bookshelf to create this balanced space. The Girl Scouts of Troop 50015 would like to thank the following: JBJ Soul Kitchen, Ocean County Library - Manchester, Joel E. Perlmutter Memorial Food Pantry at The Barn, Fulfil, Saker Shoprite’s, Inc , Lowe’s,  Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory for all their support and donations. A huge shout out to their fellow GS Makayla, whose assistance and determination motivated us to put forth our best effort. Most importantly they’d like to thank Scott and all the staff and residents from Ocean’s Harbor House for making them realize the impossible is always possible with the support of your community.

Danica — Troop 50287, Toms River

Emma — Troop 50287, Toms River

Jacqueline — Troop 50287, Toms River

The Donovan Girl's Tennis Team and their parents were looking for help for a community service project to improve safety and to make the court area more beautiful. After getting approval from Father Scott and the grounds crew at the Whitty road fields, the three of us made a plan to power wash and paint the storage structures neat the tennis courts. The project got bigger and bigger as it went on. All of the sidewalks were power washed. the entire area was weeded and cleaned up. A rock garden was created for kindness. New stones were put out for improved drainage. A table was built for storage for bookbags. The large storage structures were cleaned, sealed, insulated, and then painted with school spirit designs and lastly a flower garden was planted and mulched with plants that attract pollinators. This is a sustainable project not only because the space is cleaner and nicer to visit, it supports the teams with school spirit for years to come. the improved drainage will eliminate standing water and decrease the breeding ground for mosquitos. The butterfly bushes and other plants will attract pollinators as well.

Amelia — Troop 60956, Howell

This silver award project is called Books of Hope. Amelia is a cancer survivor of 7 years who used books as a tool to redirect her focus so they could access her port or so that she could feel less anxious.  For her project she designed and built a rolling book cart for the Riverview Medical Center’s Oncology day stay in Red Bank. The idea of the project was to help patients in the Oncology day stay feel encouraged to read from the books off the book cart. She also collected books for the shelf which will be taken over and replenished by the Oncology day stay. 

Taylor — Troop 60942, Howell

Maura — Troop 60942, Howell

Christina — Troop 60942, Howell

Troop 60942's Silver Award is called "Bringing Awareness of Food Insecurity to Our Community." The girls who worked on it are, Chirstina, Maura, and Taylor who want to show the importance in helping people with food insecurity. The project is a recipe book with food usually found in food pantries, as well as an activity book for those with younger children. The books will be made as online packets and can be scanned by a QR code that the food pantry Fulfill is glad to print and hand out to others, thus, making it sustainable. The girls in the troop also had to design the activity pages and flyer, run a food drive, create a patch program for future girl scouts to participate in, and much more. The reason to do all of this is to bring awareness about this issue to our community. 

Isabella — Troop 60867, Brick

Isabella created Courageous Coloring as a project for people with anxiety. It is a tool to overcome anxious emotions. Isabella creates hand drawn coloring pages that anyone can download from her website, at any time. Her website also has Colorful Contributions where people can submit their own drawings for others to color and a Hall of Courage that users can send in photos of their work. Isabella manages a Facebook and Instagram account to further develop and share Courageous Coloring. Isabella will continue to draw coloring pages that she will add to the website as well as posting on the social media pages. She will also keep the website updated with contributions for drawings and photos. 

Samantha — Troop 60491, Eatontown

Victoria — Troop 60491, Eatontown

Chelsea — Troop 60491, Eatontown

Chelsea, Victoria, and Samantha are solving the problem of children not knowing how to cope with their mental health and recognize their feelings. This helps children going into middle school feel less anxious about changing schools and growing. This is needed because most children these days feel alone and unable to talk to others about how they feel. The Girl Scouts want the children to realize that they are not alone in how they feel and they can get the help that they need. This is why they felt the need to hold an Emotional and Mental Health Building Awareness Assembly. This project will be sustained because the Girl Scouts had the guidance counselor of the school create a Google Classroom where all the helpful resources will remain available for students for years to come.

Giuliana — Troop 60239, Holmdel

The Silver Award project “Fun In The Sun” was a homemade corn hole set and tournament hosted by Giuliana. The corn hole boards were customized to have the logo of the Holmdel Hurricanes Swim Team on it and it was donated to the Holmdel Swim Club. The entire corn hole set, including the bean bags, was hand made by Giuliana to be used at the tournament she hosted. her tournament at the Holmdel Swim Club was to teach kids the fundamentals of corn hole and playing a team game but also to give them something fun to do with their friends as the summer came to an end. She also created a binder filled with instructions to host another tournament that she passed on to the recreation department at the pool club. With those instructions, they can host more tournaments in the future and keep the boards out to the public in the summer to sustain her event.

Sarah — Troop 61735, Brick

Bridget — Troop 61735, Brick

Claire — Troop 61735, Brick

Sarah, Bridget, and Claire built a raised garden bed that was donated to Hawkswood School in Eatontown. The "Garden For All" is accessible to children of all abilities including those with mobility challenges so that everyone can be included in garden activities. They also created adapted garden tools for easier grasping and laminated lesson cards which can be used in conjunction with the garden bed. The garden bed was presented to the students, staff, and administration at the school. Students at the school have job assignments to work in and maintain the school's garden so they will keep the garden bed in good shape. 

Heather — Troop 61010, Manalapan

Heather created a hiking club in Manalapan that encouraged girls to get outside during the pandemic and even after. 

Amelia — Troop 50427, Bayville

Healthy Paws Dog Walking Group, worked on by Amelia, was aimed to help people create healthier habits with their dogs. As the name of the project implies, Amelia wanted to start a dog walking group for dog walkers of all levels. She created a Facebook page, where she informed others about her upcoming dog walks. To help get the word out about her dog walks she made 40 pamphlets and passed them out to dog owners. She decided to take it one step further and create a YouTube channel. Where she posted 4 videos, which discussed 4 different issues a new or well-experienced dog owner may have. The project will be sustained through the videos she posted online and the lessons people had learned from her walks.

Alexandra — Troop 60243, Bradley Beach

Mei — Troop 60243, Avon by the Sea

Alex and Mei’s project’s focus was to put the spotlight on our Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Juliette, knick named Daisy when she was a baby, became inspired after meeting the founder of the Boy Scouts, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, and felt that young women should be provided with similar experiences and opportunities. She started the Girl Scouts so girls could learn skills and values that would empower them to lead meaningful lives. To do this, Alex and Mei created a captivating and educational display that the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore could access. Their display includes a section entitled “The Girl Scouts Hall of Fame” which has pictures and quotes from famous Girl Scouts, a historic timeline that not only showcases Juliette Gordon Low’s remarkable accomplishments, but also  traces the major events that occurred during her lifetimes, a life-size paper doll of Juliette Gordon Low, and an enlarged copy of the Girl Scout Promise.  Finally, Alex and Mei created a website that lists suggested activities that troops can do to earn a Juliette Gordon Low fun patch. The fun patch activities can be found on a link on the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore website.

Lily — Troop 60107, Little Silver

Lily put on a school wide assembly for her peers where she spoke on autism awareness, a topic she is truly passionate about and taught about the importance of kindness especially towards neurodiverse people. Along with this, she set up a section in her school library filled with novels that have neurodiverse main character. The section in the library is also filled with knowledge about those with autism and tips on how to interact kindly with them. She did this in the hopes that even after she has left the school people will continue to be educated on autism and kindness. She has been invited to another school to speak and hopes to continue traveling around and educating people about the importance of kindness.  

Rylee — Troop 60124, Brick

Project Fill the Classrooms was created to alleviate the financial burden on educators who are responsible for funding much of their classroom contents on their own. Rylee surveyed local teachers and then partnered with her townships Mayor, local businesses, township organizations and clubs as well as many media outlets to spread the word about this issue. Rylee created a community wide collection drive from June through August collecting new school supplies as well as recycling gently used classroom decor, sensory toys, organizational bins and drawers, books and so much more. Rylee invited every teacher in Brick Township to a 'flea market' style event and allowed them to shop for free. Over 200 teachers attended this event and were able to create classroom libraries, sensory centers, prize boxes, and provide supplies to their students. 

Francesca — Troop 61735, Brick

Sarah — Troop 61735, Brick

Jamie — Troop 61735, Brick

Three outdoor cat houses were built for a feral cat colony in Neptune.  The Rebecca Rescues’ Outdoor Cat Houses project will be sustained beyond the group’s involvement because the houses are sturdy and in the hands of someone who will care the cats as well as the structures. Francesca, Sarah, and Jamie all worked on this project with help from their fathers and community liaison. These houses replaced flimsy plastic containers that used to house some stray cats in a local area. Donations were also collected for the cat colony such as food, blankets, scratcher tress, and straw to keep cats warm in cat houses in winter. This project was intended to create a more stable and inviting home for stray animals to live in.

Abby — Troop 60554, Fair Haven

Amalia — Troop 60554, Fair Haven

Reagan — Troop 60554, Fair Haven

Eleanor — Troop 60554, Fair Haven

Troop 06554’s Recipe for Packing the Pantries targets food insecurity and diabetes issues in groups of people with lower incomes. They did this by dividing their project into a few different parts. One of these was teaching younger girl scouts to run their own food drives. This will inspire more young minds to help others, will teach them about these issues around their own areas and communities, and will start change in our county. The other part of this was the recipe book. They made a recipe book using the ingredients most commonly found in food pantries in the hopes of making easy, tasty meals more accessible to those who deal with food insecurity. As there is a correlation between not having access to as much food and diabetes, they included two pages of diabetes information at the end of our cookbook to make sure knowledge on diabetes, its symptoms, its causes, and its long term effects is more widespread. Each of them had certain areas of the project that they were in charge of. Abby and Amalia worked mostly on the cook book and diabetes information. Eleanor and Reagan worked on the brochure and script for an informational YouTube video explaining in detail the steps taken to start a food drive. Though Eleanor and Reagan wrote the script of the video, everyone participated in the filming and editing of the video. The troop all collaborated to draft and created a letter to send out to people informing them of food drives that could be used as a starting place for girls out troop to base their drives on. Each and every person put in effort to create an easy to understand but informative guide on how to create and run a successful food drive.

Sarah — Troop 60243, Bradley Beach

The SRGS Chess Club, a grammar school chess club is the official title for the Silver Award project. The club, organized by Girl Scout Sarah, convened in the school’s quiet area during lunch and recess on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sarah secured the principal's approval for the project and then created promotional materials including posters, a banner, and club instructional packets. She also collected chess books, boards, and pieces for members to use. To recruit members, she spread awareness throughout the school and used a Google Form for sign-ups. With these steps completed, the club was ready to begin.

Emily — Troop 61733, Brick

Abigail — Troop 61733, Brick

Abigail and Emily have been working to save Godfrey Lake for around two years now. It was identified by them that this popular lake in Brick was not being cared for and is often being polluted. They worked closely with the Environmental Committee in Brick Township and BTMUA in hopes to bring awareness to this lake. They spent time researching the chemicals being put into this lake, and the rich history Godfrey Lake once possessed. They put up bat houses and held clean up events that were open to members of the community. The already established community group “Pick Up Brick” will continue to visit the location for future clean ups. They look forward to continue working closely with Township officials to make Godfrey Lake a better place. 

Michelle — Troop 60645, Holmdel

The title of this silver award project is Saving the Monarchs. Monarch butterflies are an endangered species, and efforts need to go into saving them. The names of the girls in troop 60645 who assisted with this project are Mia, Ava, and Holly. The girl scout who did this project educated others in her community about the struggling species by having a stand at an earth day festival and talking to multiple second grade classes about the struggling species. She also planted milkweed in her community garden. The specific milkweed she planted are perennials, so they can live for many years, ensuring that her project’s legacy will live on. 

Brynn — Troop 61451, Wall Township

Kate — Troop 61451, Wall Township

Brynn and Kate worked together as partners to show the positive effects of the local  K-9s in the community. Kate and Brynn went to Wall Townships National Night Out and educated the locals who stopped by. They also made posters, treat bags, with fun facts about K-9s on them, informative coloring pages with kid friendly references on them (Chase from Paw Patrol is also a K-9 and protects his community like Axel and Eli do to Wall Township) and collected donations to donate to the local ASPCA. (The K-9 unit in Wall Township has all of their needs met by the town, so it was unnecessary to donate there, the officers suggested we donate to the ASPCA in honor of the K-9 unit). Kate and Brynn, also planned to go to Wall Townships Kids Day, however, that was moved due to weather restrictions. Kate and Brynn, spent time making brochures and distributing them to 10 different police stations to further improve our sustainability. 

Julia — Troop 60177, Freehold

Giuliana — Troop 60177, Freehold

Mahi — Troop 60177, Freehold

This project is called "Women’s History at Fort Monmouth" exhibit at InfoAge Science and History Museum.  Giuliana, Mahi and Julia curated a museum exhibit at the National Historic Landmark of Camp Evans.  Over the course of a year, under the mentorship of Professor Melissa Ziobro, an InfoAge Trustee and Monmouth University Department of History and Anthropology Specialist Professor of Public History Over the course of a year, Giuliana Demma, Mahi Shah, and Julia Calamia learned the skills of a public historian in personalized workshops, sat in on classes at Monmouth University, processed archival collections and researched the history of women at Fort Monmouth and Camp Evans, and much more as they worked towards their goal.  They have curated a permanent exhibit room at InfoAge Science and History Museum to educate visitors on the crucial roles that women played during World War II at Fort Monmouth and its sub post Camp Evans. 

Caroline — Troop 60720, Freehold

The project in which Caroline completed is a neighborhood newsletter, entitled “Wynnefield Newsletter”, for her neighborhood community.  She created this to inform the members of her neighborhood about what is going on around them without relying on social media.  She created a newsletter that will be updated weekly to give the people in her neighborhood information.  This information can include anything from the season that just started, upcoming holidays, recommendations for things, jobs that need to be done, and items people are giving away.  She has published her first edition on her website that is accessible by anyone.  Students that live in her neighborhood will help to carry on the project and continue to inform the people in their neighborhood!

2023 Silver Award Girl Scouts
2023 Silver Award Girl Scouts